Floor Minutes for March 3rd, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 5:35. Michael Jackson said the opening prayer.
Present: Sherry Duffey, Peggy Fowler, Michael Jackson, James Welcome, Eric Martin, Dennis McReynolds, Mike Kilmer, Beth Kilmer and guest speaker, Kimberly Krupa.

Minutes from the February Meeting were approved. We await the election of a new treasurer.

Old Business

Cervantes/Mobile Hwy. Mike Kilmer reported on a conversation between Rev. Horton and Carter Johnson, Tim Brown and Philip Gaynor regarding plans for this project. The Planning, Design and Engineering (PD&E) is expected to take 2-3 years. Meanwhile, there appears to be nothing blocking the way of incorporating the Road Diet into the planning. Project completion is expected to take at least 5 years. Meanwhile, FDOT (Florida Dept of Transportation) has, at its most recent meeting, transferred the project to its long-range budget. Another new development: four people have gotten together to form the West Cervantes Coalition. Their role will be largely educational and consciousness-raising. Please contact Christian Wagley or Mike Kilmer for further information.

Hi Neighbor Project. This project would celebrate neighborhood and community through creating and distributing campaign-style buttons via Brownsville merchants and at local events.
Beth Kilmer is working on a grant application. Sherry Duffy and Peggy Fowler have agreed to advise and support.

Historical Preservation. James Welcome reported on efforts to determine whether Brownsville should be formally declared a Historic Preservation area. He stressed that there should be Brownsville representation on the Pensacola Historical Preservation Board. One complications pertains to historic sites in Brownsville that are part of Escambia County, but not of Pensacola. Board members suggested that Greg Harding, Chairman of the Preservation Board, and Horace Jones, in charge of postal codes and zoning for Escambia County would be persons to consult on this issue. James is also one of 15 interviewees chosen by the University of West Florida students who are working on the history of Brownsville (see below).

Parks. A Parks Committee, consisting of Sherri Hankin, Beth Kilmer and Eric Martin, will resume research and planning for a park in Brownsville.

New Business

RESTORE ACT Escambia County has announced a $350,000 award from the RESTORE Fund for a Brownsville Commercial Incubator & Community Center Renovation. The Project will provide business incubator space and to renovate the Brownsville Community Center to serve as the community hub for the revitalization of the Brownsville Community.

Oral History of Brownsville Kimberly Krupa, president of Achieve Escambia, briefed members on an Oral History Project centering on Brownsville in conjunction with the University of West Florida. Fifteen people have been interviewed who grew up within the postal code 32505 area of Brownsville. The goals include engaging community members in conversation about how past conditions are shaping the present and future, to open up a conversation about extreme segregation in West pensacola, and to create space for advocacy and leadership among community members. A public presentation is planned. For more information contact Dr. Krupa at director@achieveescambia.com or by cell/text at 504-655-1885.
The meeting adjourned at 6:40. Beth Kilmer moved, JR Welcome seconded.