Floor Minutes for June 4th, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m by Board president Mike Kilmer. Rev. Horton offered an opening prayer.

Present: Charles McQuaig, Becky McQuaig, Clara Long, J. R. Welcome, Sherry Duffey, Evon Horton, Dennis McReynolds, Michael Jackson, Peggy Fowler, Beth Kilmer and Mike Kilmer, and new members Ramona Brown and Juan Le Granger – weiscome!

Robin Reshard presented the treasurer’s report.


Update on Cervantes/Mobile Highway Corridor. “West Cervantes Road Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project” is now the official title of the projected new Road Diet. Senator Doug Broxson (R-FL) advocated strongly for the project. It will proceed in two phases. Phase I is scheduled for completion in 2020-21, funding for this project phase is $22m. Phase II is scheduled for completion on 2024-25 with a projected budget of $8m.The Florida Dept of Transportation will present a proposed project design at a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, July 16 at 5:30. Bonita Player is the Civil Engineer in charge of the project. Community feedback will be invited. It is important that HBC members come out in force. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Funding for sewerage in the area in question is not yet included. HBC members were unanimous in recommending that funding for sewerage infrastructure be added to the plan — perhaps obtained by way of a Triumph Fund grant.

Changes within Brownsville. Clara Long reported that new sidewalks will be installed along Lee Street between “W” and Green Streets. A final design should be completed by end-July 2019 and will include sewers and drainage. The project budget is projected at $2m.

Memorial plaque honoring Gladys Philyaw. Members are unanimous in supporting a a plaque in Gladys’ honor, to be part of projected plans under discussion for a park in the area adjacent to or near the HBC community center. It was agreed that a committee to develop such a plan might be ready to present it before the Downtown Improvement Board at their September meeting.

Slowfest – October 5. Plans are well underway. Mike has met with the mayor and with county and city officials concerning street closing, traffic control, publicity and general support and cooperation the project. We have booked a Vietnamese band from Baton Rouge and will have Latin music, R&B, Jazz and more, featuring local as well as visiting bands. Carter J is spearheading a mural project. Recruiting vendors of food and crafts as well as project sponsors has already begun. Stay tuned for information about this fun and exciting event. To participate contact event coordinator Mike Kilmer at info@historicbrownsville.org.

Beth Kilmer made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:45. J.R. Welcome seconded.


*   Free Yoga Classes at West Florida Community Health Tues and Thurs 9:00-10.00
*   Brownsville Assembly of God Farmshares for the remainder of this year:  April 20, May 18, July 27, August 24, Sept 28, Oct 19, Nov 9, Dec 14, Jan 11.