Floor Minutes for January 7th, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 6:40. Dennis McReynolds lead the opening prayer.
Persons attending were James Welcome, Eric Martin, Charles McQuaid, Dennis McReynolds, Sherry Duffy, Peggy Fowler, Andreal Brown, Mike Kilmer and Beth Kilmer.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The Board will discuss naming a new treasurer at the upcoming Board meeting on Tuesday, January 14.

Old Business

Community Center Youth Program. Andreal reported on current and upcoming programming at the Community Center day care and after-school programs. Interviews are under way for the hiring of a recreation specialist — this choice is expected to impact attendance in a positive way. A specialist will also be planning programs where children and seniors interact.

Cervantes/Mobile Highway
Members are encouraged to attend the next Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) meeting on Wednesday, February 12th from 10:00 – 12:00 at the Pace Community Center. Peggy Fowler will look into reserving the Habitat for Humanity an for transportation assistance. A significant showing by Brownsville residents will be helpful in pressing for at least some of the features of the Road Diet, or road plan, endorsed by HBC.

Peggy talked about the need for re-visioning the neighborhood. James Welcome reminded the group of the importance of proper sewerage for business and housing development in the area. It was noted as promising that the Governor has appointed an individual from District 3 to the ECUA board. Mike will invite a representative of the Board to attend an HBC meeting.

Other Neighborhood Improvements. Sherry Duffy reported on funding made available for other neighborhood improvements. While specific projects have not been named, priority has been given to completing street and sidewalk improvement, designating business incubation areas, and community center restoration. Regarding the latter, It was noted that an upgraded kitchen and improved acoustics in the main room are highly desirable. Sherry noted that Lumon May has given HBC-backed ideas high priority in his requests for Restore Funds for our district.

New Business

Community-Building Buttons, Members approved an idea for launching “Hi, Neighbor” buttons to help foster community in Brownsville. Beth Kilmer will research availability and pricing.


  • Free Yoga Classes at West Florida Community Health in old Ali Ynnestra building T, Th 9-10am
  • Farmshare Dates for 2020:
  • Jan 11
  • Brownsville Northeast Neighborhood Cleanup Scheduled for Jan. 17

At 6:30 James Welcome moved that the meeting be adjourned; Dennis McReynolds seconded the motion.