Floor Minutes for January 4th, 2022

• Dennis McReynolds opened in prayer

• Dr. Horton called the meeting to order

• Sherry Duffey updated HBC on the Jackson St. Project – and asked if anyone would be interested in participating in those information meetings – several expressed their interest

• The dates of Brownsville Clean ups were also given

• Dr. Horton gave a report on his meeting with ECUA Board member for District 1 Larry Williams. The total amount of funding for Sewer in Brownsville is $12,920,000. And will not be shared with any other community. The largest amount ever invested in sewer in Brownsville. The concern was the cost to residents for hook up to the sewer. Sherry Duffy communicated there is a grant program available to assist with the cost. And Larry Williams communicated with Dr. Horton he would research other options to reduce or finance the cost of individual hook ups.

Larry Williams also communicated during that meeting he would find out the availability of sewer on Cervantes, and who is currently hooked up as a business to sewer on Cervantes in Brownsville.

• Dr. Horton reported on his and Mike Kilmer’s participation in the public forum at the recent Dec/21 TPO meeting expressing their desire for the TPO’s prioritizing a full road diet for Cervantes. Both Commissioner Underhill and May express their support for that priority.

• David Craig from the Escambia county sheriff’s office share how HBC can be more involved in neighborhood watch. Their primary method of crime prevention is, “See something, say something.” He distributed Neighborhood watch pamphlets and decals for homes.

• Christian Wagley shared about the Park design process for the block north of the Brownsville Community Center asking for input. He distributed survey forms asking for them to be completed to give input.

• Our next meeting is 5 pm, Tue, Feb 1/22 at the Brownsville Community Center.

• Meeting adjourned at 6 pm.