Floor Minutes for December 3rd, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m by Board president Mike Kilmer. Eric Martin offered an opening prayer.

Present: Mike Kilmer, Clara Long, Sherry Duffy, Robin Reshard, Beth Kilmer, Andreal Brown, Eric Martin, James Wellcome.

Robin present the treasurer’s report.


Robin Reshard announced that she is retiring from her position fro the HBC as trearurer but will continue her membership. We thank Robin for her service over the past four years.

Affordable Housing. Mike reported that more affordable housing is planned in Brownsville by the Paces construction group. A masonry school training program is expected to be included in this and in future construction projects.

Sidewalks. Clara Long reported on the sidewalk construction and plans for further sidewalk additions throughout the town. It was noted that sidewalk planning is relate to sewer planning. Sewer planning in the neighborhood that includes Cervantes St. requires the participation of Lumon May as County Commissioner.

FDOT and Cervantes St. The current FDOT proposal for the Cervantes St. corridor is not supported by HBC in that the concern for pedestrian safety overlooks features that are key to neighborhood re-vitalization both economically and socially. HBC officers and members are working individually to modify the plan. HBC members are encouraged to attend the next FDOT presentation and make their voices heard.


Andreal Brown announced her plan for a program that will allow citizens who will live in the Brownsville Manor senior housing now under construction will be able to interact with the children in the Day Care Program at the HBC Community Center. Members are enthused about her ideas and offered to be helpful where possible.