Floor Minutes for April 2nd, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m by Board president Michael Mackson. Charles McQuaig offered an opening prayer.

Present: Charles McQuaig, Becky McQuaig, Clara Long, J. R. Welcome, Eric Marin, Faith Higgins Sherry Duffey, Michael Jackson, Sherry Duffy, Beth Kilmer, Mike Kilmer

The minutes of the last meeting were approved. Robin Reshard was not present, and will share the treasurer’s report at the May meeting.


Update on Cervantes/Mobile Highway Corridor. Sherry Duffy reported that HDR, the engineering company, is beginning (corrected from “has completed”) a 9-month feasibility study – the West Cervantes Management Corridor Improvement Plan. A road diet, bike lanes, crosswalks and parking solutions are under consideration. The public invited will be invited to comment once the Plan is presented to the community.

Habitat for Humanity community improvement programs. Faith Higgins reported on Habitat’s current re-build programs, including “Rapid Rebuild” for emergency repairs. Contact Faith at Habitat for further information.

The Keep Pensacola Beautiful event was held on Saturday, March 30. Enthusiasm was high; attendance was low. We discussed the need to build community spirit, and the difficulties of getting people out to weekend events. We read a thank you note from program coordinator Shea Kelly, who hosted us at the meeting site.

Brownsville Street Lights. Clara Long reported on the installation of 38 new streetlights in the area encompassing Avery and Green Streets. The County has also purchased two properties on South Frontera Street with a view to improvement and neighborhood enhancement.

Mike Kilmer will represent HBC at the Dixon School community event scheduled for Saturday, April 13.


Slowfest will be on October 5th and possibly the 6th as well. Saturday and Sunday between S and V Streets along Cervantes Street. Two lanes of traffic will be closed, replaced with street side parking. There will be three stages of music and poetry representing the diverse culture of Brownsville. There will be a community mural, designed by some local artists and colored by community members along with children’s activities such as a bouncy house. We are inviting Car and Motorcycle clubs to come as well. Most of the local business are already on board to participate in one way or another. Members agreed to the following tasks: Michael Jackson and Becky: contacting car clubs; Michael: local bands; Faith: preparing a booklet of neighborhood businesses and services. The event will be successful if we have “all hands on deck.”

J. R. Welcome made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:30. Michael Jackson seconded.


  • Free Yoga Classes at West Florida Community Health Tues and Thurs 9:00-10.00
  • Brownsville Assembly of God Farmshares for the remainder of this year: April 20, May 18, July 27, August 24, Sept 28, Oct 19, Nov 9, Dec 14, Jan 11.
  • Eric Martin spoke on behalf of the West Florida Foster Care Program. The group is seeking donations for gift cards, movie passes, theme rides and similar activities for a Foster Parent Appreciation Night on May 18. For more info, contact Eric 850-501-1291 or eric.martin@umch.net.