Board Minutes for November 2nd, 2021

Members present: Michael Jackson, Evon Horton, Dennis McReynolds, James Welcome and Randy Steele
County Staff: Jared Lowe and Sherry Duffey
Michael Jackson called the meeting to order and Pastor Horton led the group in prayer.
There were no Minutes from the last meeting to approve since the group has not met in over a year.
Jared was introduced to everyone as the new CRA Division Manager.
The group discussed the possibility of joining with the new Neighborhood Watch Group (NWG). Pastor Horton stated he had met with David Craig and would pass out flyers to members of his church to announce the meetings. The next NWG is scheduled for November 22, 2021 and the HBC was invited to attend. The next HBC meeting date is December 7, 2021. The group asked if the NWG would change their meetings back to Tuesdays, since that is the day the HBC meets. Meeting times would be determined at a later date. Sherry or Mike Kilmer will send out reminder emails.
Sherry discussed the Jackson Street Master Plan. This plan will run from Fairfield Drive to “A” Street and is a joint effort between the City of Pensacola (30%) and the County (70%). A firm has been awarded the contract and public involvement should begin in early 2022. The Plan will be based on public input and the needs of the community.
Sherry spoke about the two new sewer projects: the West DeSoto Street project and the Lee Street project. Both are scheduled to begin in early 2022. The group discussed the need for expanded sewer and all agreed this is a good start.
Sherry mentioned she is working with Lamar to replace the worn and faded Murals that were hung during the Celebrating Brownsville Festivals. Pastor Horton stated he would like to see Murals done by local artists and would mention it to Mike Kilmer to further discuss the possibility of having local artists do some Murals to be placed in Brownsville. The cost estimate was approximately $600 per Mural but could be more since that was the price in 2018. Sherry is waiting on an estimate from Lamar to replace nine Murals and will share that information with the group at the next meeting.
Pastor Horton stated there are several events that Brownsville Assembly of God will have regarding the Holidays and feeding folks.
• November 17th-Winn Dixie is donating 500 Thanksgiving meal kits that will feed 8-12 people
• November 20th and December 11th are Farm Share days
• December 11th-Toys for Tots Day. The Marines will be passing out toys on a first come-first served basis. The Church has collected 1,000 toys so far. To pre-register, call the church at (850) 430-2100 and the voice mail will prompt you to the pre-registration line
• On Sundays, the church provides meals and free clothing to those in need
• On Wednesdays, the church provides free lunches beginning at 8 AM
• The church is providing meals for up to 40 seniors living at Brownsville Manor
Pastor Horton hopes to begin a new program called “Sharing Your Heart”. They will train people to be Mentors to those that need help and resources.

A motion was made by James Welcome to adjourn the meeting and the motion was seconded by Pastor Horton.