Board Minutes for June 6th, 2017

Historic Brownsville Community Board Minutes – June 6, 2017
By Peggy Fowler
5:12 p.m. – Board Meeting Called to Order
(Note: Peggy Fowler was asked to take the minutes since the Board Secretary position is currently vacant)
Opening Prayer: Michael Jackson
Board Members in Attendance: Mike Kilmer, Michael Jackson, Robin Reshard, Keri Hankins, Jeremy Craft, Gladys Philyaw, James Welcome, Dennis McReynolds, Beth Kilmer
Board Minutes: Approval of the minutes from the May 2017 Board Meetings. Michael Jackson made a motion to approve the minutes with the corrections; Robin Reshard seconded the motion; and the minutes were approved unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report: Robin Reshard distributed the Treasurer’s report for April 1-May 31, 2017. As of May 31 there were 21 members. Receipts of dues/donations of $80 were deposited in April/May with no expenditures, culminating in a balance of $234.78 in the combined savings and checking account for the association. Jeremy Craft made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report; Beth Kilmer seconded the motion; and the report was approved unanimously.
Old Business
Report on the Brownsville Culture and Arts Camp: Jenny Johnson of Pensacola Habitat for Humanity reported that the 6-week camp ended with a party and that it was deemed a success by the children and all the volunteers who participated. Jenny thanked the HBC volunteers and mentioned the other guest speakers that participated as well. She especially thanked James Wilson from Pace Temple Church, not only for offering the use of the church’s fellowship hall for the camp, but also for his hard work and all the time he spent at the committee planning meetings and coming in early and staying late and cleaning up at every one of the 6 weekly camp sessions. She mentioned that Pace Temple Church is also sponsoring a summer lunch and afternoon snack program for children. Finally, Robin Reshard and Jenny talked about the book, “We Are Brownsville,” that will be published as a compilation of the camp sessions and include the children’s writing and art within the context of Brownsville’s history and culture.
Governance Committee Recommendations for Bylaws Amendments: Jeremy Craft provided a general overview of the process for the proposed bylaws amendments and said that he would provide a detailed description of the amendments at the General Membership meeting.
New Business
Election of Board Secretary to Fill Vacant Position: Robin Reshard nominated Beth Kilmer for the Secretary position; Michael Jackson seconded the nomination; and the appointment was approved unanimously for the term ending June 28, 2018.
HBC Board Meeting Schedule: Mike Kilmer asked the Board Members if they had any thoughts about changing the Board and/or General Membership meetings’ schedule. After some discussion he requested that the Board bring back recommendations to the July Board Meeting, which was moved to Tuesday, July 11 since the first Tuesday of the month is the July 4th Holiday.
6:01 p.m. – Board Meeting was adjourned (Jeremy Craft made the motion; Keri Hankins seconded the motion; and it was approved unanimously)