Board Minutes for April 6th, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM. Faith led the opening prayer.


The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved with the following corrections: the date of the DCF-sponsored “Be My Neighbor Day” is April 21, not April 24; Phyllis Gonzales had been omitted from the membership of the HBC Program Committee – her name was added.

The Treasurers’ Report was omitted due to the absence of Robin. It will be reported at the next meeting.


Governance Committee Update. Mike reported that two members of this committee had resigned due to re-location. New members are needed to assure that the committee functions are duly fulfilled. Election of officers will occur at the June meeting. According to the bylaws, formal announcement of elections must be sent out to the membership one month in advance. The by-laws are in need of revision, also a duty of this committee.

Steering Committee Update. Members of the Steering Committee reviewed drawbacks that currently inhibit less than optimal functioning. A key hurdle is the fact that business owners, who are main beneficiaries of this committee’s work, are too busy to attend the meetings. Thus there is a lack of consensus about what the business owners want. Effective ways of getting feedback from community businesses needs to be resolved. The general membership was agreed that developing a marketing and branding plan for the designated Brownsville business corridor is a top priority.

CRA Report. At the request of CRA, the Florida Dept of Transportation is conducting a safety survey that will encompass the area from A Street to Dominguez along Mobile Highway. There could be an impact on lighting improvements in the surveyed area.

Monies from the Triumph Fund could be available for Brownsville projects; the CRA is currently assessing whether they meet the eligibility criteria for the funding.

Linda Aguado, who works with REAP (Re-entry Alliance of Pensacola) reported that the group now has 11 houses being used for transitional housing within the Brownsville community.

Kimberly Krupa, Director of Achieve Escambia, updated the group on the Promise Neighborhood grant application the organization is preparing for the US Department of Eduction. She asked for input on features that the Brownsville community would like to see in the program. Some suggestions were: anti-abuse and bullying programs; community engagement that would encompass 3 generations as well as consideration of families’ economic situations; community art projects, for example a mural project; community theatre opportunities, especially for middle and high school students. s


Christian Wagley of CiviCon announced a walking tour of Brownsvile on Monday, April 16 led by architect and CiviCon speaker, Michaele Pride. Ms. Pride is an architect and an educator focused on improving public health and equitability through neighborhood design.

The Brownsville Assembly of God Church will host a Sheriff’s Farm Share on Saturday, June 2

Michael Jackson made a motion to adjourn, J. R. Seconded. The meeting ended at 6:35.