Board Minutes for April 4th, 2017

By Jenny Johnson

Minutes for Historic Brownsville Community

5:30 p.m. – Board Meeting Called to Order

(Note: Jenny Johnson was asked to take the minutes since the Board Secretary position is currently vacant)

Board Members in Attendance: Mike Kilmer, Jeremy Craft, Gladys Philyaw, Keri Hankins, David ____

Board Minutes: Since there was not a quorum present, minutes from March 7th meeting were tabled to the May 2nd meeting

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer was not in attendance so no report was given

Old Business

Update on Neighborhood Sign: Commissioners Doug Underhill and Lumon May have seen the sign and did not express any problems with the sign to Mike Kilmer. The County has to approve the sign design before the funds can be released for its construction/installation.

Update on literacy Program: Jenny Johnson described the progress of the planning committee for what is now being called “Brownsville Culture & Arts Camp” and asked if anyone had ideas for people who might know the history of Brownsville. Anny Sheppard, in attendance at the meeting, offered to bring Starbucks refreshments to the last day of the camp, which is the “party” day.

Update on “Meet & Greet:” Mike Kilmer said that the “Meet & Greet” has been pushed back but is still being planned for sometime within the next couple of months hopefully because we don’t want to wait so long that we lose all momentum from the first meeting.

Community Center: Carlotta _____, in attendance at the Board Meeting, said that she had attended the Commissioners’ discussion about the Community Center, but that nothing had been decided and the meeting ended in a disorderly manner. Phyllis Gonzales, in attendance at the Board Meeting, said that she had gotten an email “Save-the-Date” for the Community Center Ribbon-Cutting to be held May 24, 2017 from 11:30 to 1:00 pm. Mike said that he had not received the invite yet, but would ask the County about it.

VT-MAE Aerospace: Mike Kilmer said that this business will be bringing over 1200 jobs in 2018 and that would be a good opportunity for people in Brownsville to take advantage of job and job training opportunities that might be affiliated with the opening of this business.

New Business

Newsletter/Outreach: Phyllis Gonzalez mentioned how great the HBC newsletter was that she had received through email and several of the attendees said they had not received the newsletter. This brought about a discussion about how to make sure that the member email list is complete and updated, and that names of people who had signed in at meetings who may not have emails or didn’t put their emails were also contacted. It was also suggested that the newsletter be on the HBC website or linked to the website. In addition, the newsletter, as well as notices of activities and other projects that take place in Brownsville with the leadership or participation of HBC, should regularly be sent to the Commissioners so they continually see what our organization is doing.

6:09 p.m. – Board Meeting was adjourned